Remove unwanted hair

Excess or unwanted hair can be safely and effectively removed using a variety of lasers. Compared to other methods of hair removal such as waxing, plucking, cream depilatories and electrolysis, lasers provide much more efficient removal of hair with longer lasting results. In order to achieve the optimal results in all skin types, we have a wide variety of laser technology available including the long pulsed alexandrite laser (GentleLase), and the long pulsed Nd: YAG laser (Cool Glide). This allows us to treat our clients regardless of skin color and gives our clients the best possible results.

How does it Work?

Laser hair removal utilizes various wavelengths of light which are absorbed as heat energy in the pigmented regions of the hair follicles. The light energy produces heat damage in the hair follicle cells and the follicles stop producing long, dark hairs. Laser hair removal is safe to use on all areas of the body. Most people require approximately 5 to 7 treatment sessions to produce long lasting hair removal in a given area. Treatment sessions are usually performed at 1 to 2 month intervals, depending on the area of skin being treated. For successful treatment, the root of the hairs must be present under the skin during laser treatment. For this reason, we advise not to pluck, wax or use cream depilatories between treatments. Saving or clipping the hair between treatments is the best approach. Following each laser treatment, there is typically no hair growth for several weeks, at which point fewer hairs will re-grow which are usually lighter in color, thinner and softer. With each subsequent laser treatment, fewer and fewer hairs will re-grow.

Depending on the area being treated, there can be some discomfort during the procedure. For sensitive areas, such as the bikini line or the underarms, or for the treatment of large areas such as the full legs or back, patients can elect to have topical anesthetic cream applied before treatment. This cream is applied one hour before the procedure, and significantly minimizes treatment discomfort. Most patients treating smaller areas of skin do not require the anesthetic cream. Following laser treatment, there may be some pinkness and swelling of the laser treated area which may last for minutes to hours, and patients can go about their normal activities immediately following treatment